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WebGL Thoughts

Postby Thel on Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:13 pm

Does anyone here have any knowledge of WebGL? Can anyone recommend any good books on WebGL? I am aware of three.js, but I reckon I’ll do some elementary stuff in WebGL before I use any frameworks. For those who haven’t seen WebGL yet, I refer you to this: http://www.phoboslab.org/xibalba/ and this: http://webquake.quaddicted.com/Client/WebQuake.htm

I'm keen to know what you C++/OpenGL programmers reckon of WebGL. I'm amazed this is programmed in JS. One of the few programming languages I know.

I don’t regard learning a programming language as a monumental challenge. It’s the 3D maths, the APIs, and the programming that challenges me. However, perhaps WebGL is a useful technology for web programmers to get into 3D game programming—it removes the burden of having to choose a system, download and install an API/IDE, and learn C++. Of course, C++ is better for doing stuff on the GPU, but it’s a trade-off. It’s less noise. It means I get to learn some 3D maths and apply it to a game or a demo, and my mum gets to play it on her iPad.
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