Questions regarding qt

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Questions regarding qt

Postby gamenovice on Wed Dec 10, 2014 8:05 pm

I remember Falco mentioning in one of the AGDs that he used qt for all aspects of deving for ES, like the actual engine logic and stuff. The sound of one place for full development of a game sounds really appealing, and I'm quite accustomed to Qt.

My question is: How do I need to setup Qt to basically become my standalone crossplatform IDE for doing engine development, toolkit development, library linking, etc (full on game development essentially). If anyone (especially Falco), could respond to this thread, I'd be super happy!

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Re: Questions regarding qt

Postby bbguimaraes on Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:16 am

Not an authorative answer, but I'm pretty sure the lower levels of their environment (engine and libgyro) don't use qt. I don't remember if Falco mentioned it at some point or if I just concluded from the fact that it's a huge (unecessary) dependency to include. They use it on the rest of the tools, that's for sure, where it makes sense.

On you second question, I think you are mixing two concepts here: there are the qt libraries, which are just code, and the qt "dev environment", which is basically qtcreator. You can have the libraries integrated in any toolchain you wish: I use it with gcc, you can use it with codeblocks, visual studio or whatever. When you talk about "clossplatform IDE" I think you mean qtcreator. That is pretty easy to install and setup on the popular platforms and it probably sets up the libraries without you having to do any work.

Anyway, hope that helps.
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