Restrict access to .Net mscorlib

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Restrict access to .Net mscorlib

Postby tappatekie on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:29 am

Hey guys, a little code file I made (auto generated) that when used, completely overrides .Net framework's mscorlib.dll.
The class is designed for use in loading external assemblies and invoking their functions with trust that they do not link to this library or any other (except your own framework) which removes the security issues that it may contain (file system access etc...)

The case for me is that every app that someone makes is compiled as a clr assembly and loaded by my application, but my application tests for that app only referencing to my libraries and no other. But obviously those libraries by default will have access to mscorlib anyway but using this code file I can override them by causing a type confliction when using any mscorlib type. Also, I am aware that some programmers may want to create libraries for being used by other apps for the application, to resolve this, i've got a central function registry so you can register functions and have them accessed across apps.

Note: This may cause some versions of Visual Studio to crash since it also overrides base types like Object, Int32 etc...
Also, this file is only used on the .Net Framework 2.0, but if you want me to do a version of your choice, just say :)

If there are any ways you find that can override this, please say :)

Edit: The file also overrides internal types in mscorlib which are pretty much useless
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