DevKitARM installation

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DevKitARM installation

Postby Sanshin77 on Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:41 pm

Would love it if someone helped out, I have a problem while trying the DevKitARM installation, on my mac.

So I checked out this site:


Mac users should download

* DevkitARM
* libnds examples

The examples are optional, but recommended, because they are a good start for learning libnds.

Also, make sure that make is available. If not, install X-Code.

Then just mount the DevKitARM-Image and the Installer will guide you through the process. DevktiPro will be installed into /opt/local/devkitPro, and environment variables will be set up for you automatically, so you don't have to mess around with .bashrc or .profile or anything like that.

You can test the environment by compiling the examples.


This might seem pretty incompetent but where is that DevKitARM-Image? I downloaded a archive, unarchived it and got several files and folders, including "include", "lib", "libexec", "man" and "share". If anyone could tell me where this Image/Installer should be, I would greatly appreciate it.
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