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Oh my gawd, I made a Music Video in "Pixel Art"

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:07 am
by K-Bal
I just released my first single as a solo artist and I made a music video in a kind of pixel style for it! I hope you like it!

Falco was interested in the lyrics, so I translated them to English for everyone:

the alarm goes off for the 10th time
oh, sleeping is healthy, i snooze it again

my motivation is only for procrastination
in that domain i'm an institution (i guess that is a german saying)
my daily life is pure perfection
my cv is my absolution

i don't wanna do anything now
i don't want to, i'll do it sometime else
(next part is a variation of a german saying)
what you can provide today, always delay till tomorrow
i don't care at all

the deadline's coming, the guilt awakes
who would have thought? i'll work the whole night
to my good fortune, I'm lazy but not dumb
so everything gets done, the time ain't over


Please consider buying the song in your favorite store if you want to support me :)