Vampire Masqurade Bloodlines/ Clans

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Vampire Masqurade Bloodlines/ Clans

Postby Dark Crusader on Mon Dec 13, 2004 10:20 am

I have just goten the new vampire game. My god it is the best vampire game I have ever played. In it you can choose one of seven clans.

BRUJA: The Bruja are passionate idealists. At times, the passion can lead them to trouble since they tend to make their arguments with their fists and not words.

Gangrel: If any clan were close to the Beast, it would be the wildly nomadic Gangrel. Usually preferring to be loners, the Gangrel clan has recently severed its ties with the Camarilla. With their feral nature, the Gangres are much more attuned to animals and have the ability to take on animal forms.

Malkavian: Insane by nature, the Malkavians see the world in a different light than anyone else. This "insite" allows Malkiavians to see the true intentions of others. However, it also means they have a much more difficult time communicating with oters on occasion. My caracter on the game is Malkavian.

NOSFERATU: Hideous and disgustuing, the Nosferatu are cursed with a grotesque form. Forced into the shadows of the night, the Nosferatu have learned to adapt and hide from society.

Toreador: The Toreadore envision themselves as artists and visionaries. They seek the best of refinements, believe in being on the cutting edge and wearing haute couture. With their close ties to human society, the Toreador can bye humanity at half the cost.

TREMERE: The least trusted of the Camarilla clans, the Tremere are blood sorcerers. Using blood magic, or Thaumaturgy, the Tremere guard their secrets quite religiously and dont take oustiders into their confidence.
Ventrue: The leaders of the Camarilla, the Ventrue enfoce the Masqurade. With their large bank accounts, the Ventrue have aquired quite expensive tastes.

Now which do you choos?
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