Where did it all begin for you?

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Re: Where did it all begin for you?

Postby ChrisGorsky on Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:36 pm

I started when I was about 13. I got a game called Dawn Of War which used LUA to script levels. I wanted to create my own campaign for the game and taught myself LUA over the course of a few months and developed a lot of different levels for the game. After that I discovered AIGD and realized that I wanted to start actual game development. I started with basic C++ and eventually got a small internship when I was 16 where I met a programmer who really taught me most of what I know about C++. From there I taught myself some more C++ and began to look into SDL. I stuck with SDL for about a year until I needed something with a bit more power so I moved over to OpenGL. Now I know multiple languages and still do work on games in my spare time while going to work and finishing up my last year of college. I will be graduating in May with my BS in computer science and will be then going for my masters while still keeping my job and continuing to develop games in my spare time. Also working towards my black belt in Tae Kwon Do ;)

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