Just in Case... (Ver. 2.0)

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Just in Case... (Ver. 2.0)

Postby Falco Girgis on Tue Jul 27, 2004 10:41 pm

I'm going on a vacation. No, I really didn't wanna go, but I have to. We're going to Utah until the 10th of August. That's about 2 weeks. I'm even going to miss the first day of school.

On a more serious note, there will be no Dreamcast devving while I'm away because I'm flying on a plane and my stuff is likely to be broken, my grandparents have a computer equivalent to a 386 running Windows 3.1 with AO-Hell internet access going at ~.001-.00001 bytes per second.

Basically, it's just a pain in the ass. :D

But what I will be doing is porting everything that I have done so far to the PC. That's right foos, the game will be PC/DC.

I'm learning SDL. I'm not sure if I'll even start, or if I'll completely finish porting what I have so far before I return. I really haven't looked into SDL too much, but so far it looks easy.

Will all members of Team Chaos PLEASE visit the Game Dev forum because there is some crap I'd really appreciate being done before school.

Now seriously, I will be online at Utah, and I will be posting on these forums. I'm not going to be like everybody else and randomly loose contact whilest I'm gone. So I'll talk to you regularly (not quite as often). Gotta pack, we leave in 3 hours for Utah. Midnight flight.
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