How did they make Sonic?

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Re: How did they make Sonic?

Postby eatcomics on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:43 pm

cypher1554R wrote:
LeonBlade wrote:They made Sonic with a computer.

Yes, but "How" is the question, not "With what".

I'm telling you guys the programmers of old were wizards.... I mean you should see some of the crazy shit they pulled off and the techniques they used...
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Re: How did they make Sonic?

Postby rogue72 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:30 am

z80 :) ummm
m68k asm since the genesis/md was a m6800 processor
(same as amiga/st as it goes), assembler none the less

hope its ok to poke this one, i see its old but im new...

firstly yeh the 80/90 coders mainstream and hackers was well outof this world
fitting whole games in to same size we email a low res pic...
and pushing the limits ... its a bit of a lost art now SHAME

what interests me most here is the tilemap/map engine
having phannied around with these myself over the years
and i thought i got stuck in rewriting engine & tile tools after couple month chucked it all in the bin
seeing ES still pushing there engine & toolkit kinda shows me i was rather short sighted and rushed

sonic and several amiga titles have really puzzled me
(al la the loops / wall runs mentioned earlier)

when i have experimented with this, due to my lack of knowledge & ability to hit right tuts
slopes/hills have always been bit of a msytey ( and i dont class tiles with just diaganal from tl/br to be slope)
so "how did they make sonics tile/map engine"
and again i dont need to know basics square slopesor tile based jump slopes (like mario bros)

anyone care to elaborate / or point me somewhere

having stumbled on on ES & Gyros vids YT vuds (FTW GUYS BTW!) has really made me wanna revist this kinda stuff
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Re: How did they make Sonic?

Postby Ultra64 on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:56 pm

the way things work in that game are so interesting haha's what I've been most boggled by since i've noticed it in Sonic 2 for the Genesis. like sonic can go up ramps, like a skateboarder would go up one, and like in the collision of sonic and the side of a ramp, he would launch off the ramp like a real object would. thats just awesome haha. I guess that sonic's character and the ramp objects use a kind of pixel perfect collision to get it so accurate? everything in that game is interesting from a "how does that work" perspective haha.
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