Donkey Kong (GB)

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Donkey Kong (GB)

Postby Falco Girgis on Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:11 pm

Graphics: 10.0
Sound: 10.0
Replay: 8.0
Gameplay: 10.0

Review: Remember those endless hours of playing Donkey Kong at the arcade? Of course not, you can't be THAT old (hehe). This game is for those people who played their poor fingers raw at the arcade. It is also for those people who didn't have the privilege nor honor of doing so. This is my all-time favorite Gameboy game. A more respectable title? You'll never find one!

This game was made during the middle of the GameBoy pocket and Super GameBoy era. The game looks fantastic on both. Our primitive old GameBoys were reluctant to come this far. Graphics were crisp and clear. Unlike many other titles for the GB, the back and foreground are clearly distinguishable. Sprites are detailed nicely. Everything from flames and telephone poles have high quality looks.

Did you know?
You Super GameBoy owners can not only play this game on your SNES, but also, it was designed to have nicer colors and additions than your regular GB games do.

A small percentage of the sound was a remake from the original DK. Every old sound effect and stuff is here. But as you progress out of the old skool world, the music is all new. Catchy jungle and pyramid themes fit the game well. Swimming sound effects, dying, jumping, and everything else sounds perfectly in place. Sound is well deserving of a perfect 10.

Imagine the original DK. You see two barrels coming at you. You already realize that Mario can't jump over both of them. In the case of this game, you'd do a front handspring and jump over them. Pretty cool huh? This game is everything the old DK was, but about 10x more. When and why Nintendo decided to give Mario Matrix-like abilities the world may never know. These abilities are so freaking cool though and make the game more fun and original.

Yeah, DK takes Mario's girlfriend. You pursue DK through about 6 worlds each with its own theme. The worlds normally have 10+ levels too! Worlds range from original, city, forest, jungle, ship, and more. Beyond the original DK, the goal isn't simply climbing to the top. Using Mario's leet skillz, and other items (such as the hammer), Mario must get the key and manage to open the door with it. Sound simple? Fool! Levels become humongous and it is no longer a struggle to survive. The game becomes even strategy-like. Flipping switches and riding lifts. It all becomes a puzzle to retrieve the key and open the door.

To sum up this review, this game is like a Matrix Donkey Kong. The game is super respectable and fun. You'd be missing out on something really great if you decided not to buy this very much deserving title. Trust me, you'll love every single bit of it!
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