Mario Bros. (NES/Atari)

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Mario Bros. (NES/Atari)

Postby Falco Girgis on Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:04 pm

Graphics: 6.0
Sound: 6.0
Replay: 9.0
Gameplay: 8.0

Review: Despite this game's undeniable simplicity, it happens to be FUN! This game has been redone trillions of times and is currently featured in every single Mario game available for the GameBoy Advance. This was the first real Mario game. Up until this point, Mario was always with DK. Now he has branched off with his brother Luigi in his own adventure.

Did you Know?
This was the first game in the world that had Luigi in it! This was his debut! You didn't know that did you? Of course you didn't.

Graphic ratings drastically vary depending on which console you are playing it on. Old Arcade graphics used to blow, so you couldn't expect much. Both Atari 2600 and 5200 had this game. Graphics were alright. The NES port had the worst graphics only because it was capable of so much more. They all look the same, but NES could of made it look so much better.
Graphics were simple. Characters weren't very detailed. Mario and Luigi were just recolored sprites. The game has more than twice as many recolored things than they do original things.

Sound is good for the more primitive ports. But for good ol' Nes, they could of been like 10x as good. Lots off squeaky and screechy sounding effects were present. It didn't hinder anything nor did it annoy you...much. There isn't really a background song either.

Gameplay is constant on all platforms. You are in a sewer. You must defeat whatever STD-like creatures that come out of the pipes. You can do this by bashing your head on the platform they are on. This stuns them. While stunned, you kick them. That'll do the trick. Touching them kills you. Another nice addition is the POW block. Jumping under it stuns every enemy that is on the ground by sending a shockwave throughout the level. If a creature gets to the end of the structure, it goes through a pipe and comes out of the top. The level will go on forever until all enemies are defeated.

This is another primitively addicting game. I advise you to pick it up for the NES or Atari. Depending on who you are, you'll probably have hours of fun with it.
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