Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Genesis)

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Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Genesis)

Postby Marx Chaotix on Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:48 pm

In yet another groundbreaking feat of accomplishment Sega finally wears the champion belt boasting a 60% ownership leaving Nintendo in the dust hand over heels as our speedy blue hero has captivated the hearts and minds of our nation. It's all about Sonic now. As our blue hedgehog races from the zones of Sonic 2 and into another action packed adventure in the new game. Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Pack your shit folks. We're going for another wild ride!

Storyline: 9.2/10

Our boys at Sonic Team never cease to appease us with yet another great storyline development. A few months after Sonic and Mile's encounter with the notorious doctor and his battle-cruiser, "The Death Egg" our antagonist learns of a new ancient energy source containing ultimate power created by an ancient civilization of unknown origins. Robotnik decides to steal this legendary gem to harness it's unlimited power for his reconstructed Death Egg to power his mechanized machines in hopes of finally establishing his Utopian empire ensuing world domination. In this new action packed adventure Knuckles makes his first appearence as he glides his way into the screen and soon everyone's hearts as a new hero finally emerges.
Knuckles the Echidna the forsworn guardian and protectorate of the Master Emerald is tricked by the deceitful doctor into believing that Sonic wishes to steal the master emerald. How little did he know of Robotnik's trickery. Robotnik has a new agenda now and that is to ensure Sonic's demise as he creats yet another mechanical counterpart of Sonic, "Mecha-Sonic". Does Sonic have what it takes? This is one adventure you certainly don't want to miss!

Graphics: 10/10

The only reason for my presentation of a 10 of 10 is literally because you will never find a more beautifully decorated game for the genesis platform ever! The environments are entirely flooded with luscious background scenery. The badniks are now introduced in such a vast variety each one adapted to their very own zones and environments throughout the game with groundbreaking detail. And I have never seen such beautiful colorful scenery at the hidden palace. It even today still has me mind-boggled! This game is DEFINITELY deserving of this score. If you don't believe me just dive right in on the action and play it yourself.

Music/ Sound affects: 9.3/10

Another beautiful thing that can't be helped but receive admiration of such a wondrous accomplishment would have to be the stunning music and sound affects. Each one is so perfectly adapted to their own unique stages throughout the game. From the beautiful all time famous Ice Cap zone's to the launch base zone. Some even have pondering thought that Micheal Jackson HIMSELF played a vital role in the making of this music. Since he was after all "originally" hired to performing the music for the game before Sonic Team released him from the project. However, some believe to this very day that they've kept his music in the game. ... bVM-l2Oku4

I'll let you be the one to judge that regardless of the matter.

Gameplay/Replay: 9.5/10

And now to the core of the matter, the gameplay. One of the most phenomenal things about this game is the ability to save your game. As this wasn't possible in the previous Sonic The Hedgehog games at the time until the release of this gem of a game. And the ability to race your opponents in a course of levels or to coop or play independently. Atop of this Sonic has been provided with elemental abilities enabling him to perform a numerous assortment of tasks such as his ring attracting lightning element, or his bubble allowing him to inexhaustible amounts of air underwater or his fire immunity with his fire element. You even have the opportunity of beating each and every independent level with a different character in their own scenarios. This is truly a major improvement in the world of Sonic!

Overall: 9.5/10

Regardless of the way you look at it I find this to be a very well made, very well enjoyed game. I have honestly aced this game (with the Sonic & Knuckles attachment) so many times over I find it to be uncountable. I even recall timing myself and literally acing it 2 hours flat. I still regard this as by far one of the best and most inspirational Sonic games of all time. It was definitely ahead of it's time and should be regarded as a valued gem in the video game community.
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Re: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Genesis)

Postby eatcomics on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:55 pm

You're getting way to creative with these reviews...
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