Battlefield 1942 Review

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Battlefield 1942 Review

Postby JaxDragon on Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:43 pm

Battlefield 1942(BF1942) is a FPS game for the PC. It has two expansions, Secret Weapons of WWII, and The Road To Rome. It also has a somewhat sequel, which was made with the same engine. That one was Battlefield Vietnam(BFV).

It has 2 playable modes, Singleplayer, and Multiplayer. The singleplayer isn't that fun, as it is just multiplayer, except without players, and with bots. There is a campaign for all of the maps you can use in multiplayer. While singleplayer may not be challenging, multiplayer is a blast. With plenty of modes and at least 100 people on at all times, there is no lack of entertainment here. The only downside is the lag, which comes in from time to time, and when it does, its bad.

If you buy the complete collection, it even comes with a mod development toolkit.

For an old game BF1942 is a must-have for multiplayer FPS lovers.
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