Game Development Bundle for $12

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Game Development Bundle for $12

Postby jchill95 on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:04 pm

The humble bundle site is hosting a Humble Indie Bundle and for $12 you can get 18+ items. Featuring some indie titles on steam. Some of the programs are kind of gimmicky like RPG maker and some assets for that, but they do have the Axis Game Factory Pro edition with voxel sculpting terrains, which is a good tool for unity developers wanting to do advance terrain creation, as well as Spriter Pro and Sprite lamp. App Game Kit 2 is included as well as a 1 year Stencyl indie license. They have asset packs from Game Dev Fort specific for the bundle, and a $10 Game Develop Fort giftcard. Although I won't probably most of these tools or assets I still picked it up bc at that price it is a steal

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Re: Game Development Bundle for $12

Postby Imrooniel on Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:28 pm

From what I heard gamemaker is quite solid, I can't vouch for it tho.
Dunno about spriter, I'm using spine, but AFAIK it's comparable.
Spritelamp is.. ugh... ok to preview normalmap assets if you have no other way to do so. When I was using it, it'd crash every 5 minutes, but I think dude fixed it (since it's sold now). Here's the deal-breaker tho: spine requires you to make 4+ different versions of the same assets. It's simply faster and more precise to draw the normalmap yourself. Trust me, I'm an engi... Err, artist.

As for rest, no idea.
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