PseudoEngine - General Purpose 2D Engine(In Progress)

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PseudoEngine - General Purpose 2D Engine(In Progress)

Postby DaringCreativity on Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:09 am

I'm relatively new to the forum and thought that I should first say hi and that I have been following the Elysian Shadows project in the background for awhile and finally decided to become a little more active. I thought that I would start a thread to show the progress on one of my projects that I working on that is entitled PseudoEngine. The intent of the original project was to create an engine that would work for a 2D RPG that I was working on called PseudoFields but that project fell by the wayside and only the concept of the engine remains right now. The engine that exists now is one of the newest iterations and is missing many features that still need to be added such a physics. Features that are implemented though are basic rendering and player control, as well as the start for a scripting subsystem. I plan on updating this thread frequently with updates on this project. The next update I plan is to rework the entire animation system to allow for better animations than are currently allowed which right now is just one set of sequential images. Here's a quick video demoing a basic demo that the engine is running. The art that is used is from Lost Garden website as I personally have no drawing abilities.

Also if you are interested here's a link to the engine's source code:
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