Tortuga: A Decent Into Hell

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Tortuga: A Decent Into Hell

Postby Ratstail91 on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:41 pm

The title is just Tortuga; the subtitle is minor embellishment.

So I've been working on one game for 18 months (first commit is listed as 6th June 2013); you can find it here. I've stalled again, for reasons that will soon become clear.

This game started out as a client-server multiplayer turn based procedurally generated role playing game built with a custom engine that was highly customizable and moddable. Do you see the problem yet?

At first it was just a vague idea, and I mostly just played around with it. However, at some point in development I began to take things more seriously as I developed the engine and my skills to a sharp, if narrow, point. I can't really place most of the decisions chronologically, but it's all there in the log. Here's a list of my achievements over the course of development (in no particular order):

  • Restarted from scratch (to make it "better"; after three months the result was identical)
  • UDP networking + custom protocols
  • Multithreading (ditched it early)
  • Custom map system that supports infinite 2D maps (way over engineered)
  • Developed embedded lua scripting engine (currently only accesses the map)
  • Implemented SQL database (via SQLite3)
  • Shelved procedural generation in favour of gameplay
  • Multiple characters persist in the world
  • Stripped the whole project down and rebuilt it multiple times
  • Stalled, procrastinated, developed depression and suicidal thoughts

Just think: everything Elysian Shadows did right, I did wrong. I also did a lot of what ES did wrong too.

Here I am, with a half baked engine and no gameplay. Elysian Shadows have always been a huge inspiration for me, but working alone has it's drawbacks; oh yes, I forgot to mention that I wrote this nearly single handedly.

The thing is, it is a decent engine (ignore the graphics, and lack of sound). I can't just move on, I really need to finish this game, even if it destroys me.

Anyway, thanks for reading the info dump. The original reason I'm posting though, is to see if anyone would be interested in appraising what I have so far, or even licensing some or all of the existing engine. I need money, as we all do, and just getting some sort of return on 18 months of work would be amazing. The engine is currently under the zlib licence, but I'm planning on moving it to the Uplink Developers Licence (I think they made it printable just for me...).

Thanks again.
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