Negotiation RPG

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Negotiation RPG

Postby gamenovice on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:09 am

Hello All,

So after many years of silence (I have been browsing the forums since I was a wee 8th grader, now I'm starting college), I finally have a complete game that I am willing to show off to people.

I have created a prototype of a Negotiation RPG. Basically, using good ol' Turn-Based mechanics and a dash of phoenix wright, this game focuses on negotiation. I could talk more, but I'd rather let the game do that:

here is a video:

here is a link (does require unity web player): ... /NRPG.html

if for some reason the web player doesnt work, please download the zip and play (should be a simple extraction): ...

Please feel free to leave feedback and criticism, I intend on working on this game more.


P.S. Super Super stoked about how well Elysian Shadows is coming along. I am so going for their highest tier on kickstarter.
P.S.S. I'm thinking of starting from scratch though. Need to build up my programmer pride. I plan on starting off with SDL so that I'm garaunteed (almost) portability between the big 3 OSs. Hopefully i can post progress on that, but it'll be much later, since I have to take a break and flesh out the mechanics more.
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